What are the benefits of roof restoration?

Roof restoration improves the life of your roof and will greatly reduce the possibility of future leaks and damage. We use advanced products of the highest quality to replace damaged parts to ensure this.

A restored roof will also add instant street appeal to your home thus adding value to your property overall.

How long does a roof restoration take?

It really depends on the job and how much work is involved as well as things like the weather. However you can expect a typical restoration to take 2-4 days.

Are your coatings safe for drinking water?
Yes, the coatings we use are water based and made from acrylic. They are 100% safe for use on properties with rainwater tanks.
Is Matrix Roofing covered by insurance?
In the unlikely event of property damage caused by anyone from the Matrix Roofing team, we are covered for up to 10 million dollars in liability.
How much will a roof restoration cost?
Matrix Roofing provides competitive quotes with exemplary service. We really need to see your roof to provide a reliable estimate and it will vary depending on the roof size, material and condition etc. Rest assured your quote is provided by real tradesman and not a salesperson who may try to up-sell or mention unnecessary add-ons.
Does Matrix Roofing fix leaking roofs?
Yes, Matrix Roofing are experts at pin pointing the cause and/or entry point of a leak, usually caused by broken tiles, fallen branches, age, hail etc. We diagnose the exact problem and repair your roof leaks in Melbourne and stop any further water damage to your home.
Is Site Clean-up provided?
Things will get messy when a roof job is conducted. But one of the things you can be assured of is you will hardly know we have been there. We ensure your property is left spotless.

It’s all part of Matrix Roofing’s first-class service.

What happens to the rubbish?
All the rubbish from your roof is collected and removed then taken to the tip for recycling.

FAQ Roof Restorations

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