If you have a tiled roof, or a Terracotta Roof  you may find that the mortar is falling apart or comes away from the ridge caps, you would would realise you will need  rebedding, and the pointing will need to be replaced. Over time, the cement mixture (also known as bedding or mortor) Loses its bonding elements so then it exposes the sand component to the weather and therefore the bedding and pointing used to keep ridge capping on a roof  cracks and starts to fall out. Note: the process of replacing this mixture is called re-bedding.

What happens quite often is the lower roof caps start sliding out of position then the above roof caps start sliding down as well. But what damage can be cause other than looking ugly, it allows water seepage which can damage insulation, the battons, allow rats and possums to get in your roof and cause serious damage inside your roof. You don’t want that do you?

Matrix Roofing mixes a bedding when it is hard enough to support the ridge capping, then flexible pointing is applied. You may think, why flexible pointing? Matrix Roofing uses a flexible compound that strenghtens the pointing  so it doesn’t fall apart in the Australian harsh weather conditions. The flexible pointing forms a stronger bond, holding the ridge capping more firmly in place in that way it lasts a lot longer, which is what want. Do you agree? Call Matrix Roofing for a free quote so we can help you.