Repointing Roof Tiles

Repointing Roof Tiles for Terracotta and Concrete tiles. Roof pointing thats flexible, waterproof and stops a leaking roof.

Roof pointing and bedding that’s broken and cracked can cause so many leaking roof issues, including moisture in your house, mould, structural damage which will be costly if not fixed early.Your Roof insulation will soak up any leaks from where the roof needs repointing or where your Terracotta Tiles or Concrete Roof Tiles need a roof leak repair. Likewise a permanent leak from ridge capping where the ridge cap pointing needs to be replaced can cause rotting in the timber hip beam and roof tile batten ends. This is where We at Matrix Roofing can help you with roof tile repairs Melbourne Eastern and South Eastern Suburbs. For example areas like Glen Waverley Roof repairs or Berwick Roof repairs, places around these areas we fix a lot of leaking roofs.rebedding and repointing

 Repointing and Rebedding Ridge Caps

Failed ridge cap pointing means water getting into the cement {mortar] bedding under the ridge cap that will in turn weaken the cement bedding so in high winds you might lose some of your ridge caps. Do you ever notice right on the corner of your roof, your lowest ridge cap has slid down a bit? What happens the other ridge caps follow suit and gradually slide down. You definitely don’t want that, do you? Because Rodents, possums, birds etc get in and cause some serious damage inside your roof and furthermore they can die in your roof and produce a wonderful smell. Don’t forget the noise these animals make at night when you are trying to get to sleep.

It will be worthwhile to check your insurance company will cover you for the loss then have a look at the small print in your policy. Generally, you will find that if your roof ridge cap pointing and bedding has been maintained in good condition, then this is the only situation where they will pay out. Call us for a free check up on your tile roof, whether it’s Terracotta or a concrete tile roof to prevent you from having any unnecessary future major expenses. Call now! 1300733820


 Repointing Roofs for ridge caps and use of our Flexible Pointing Material

When you go with Matrix Roofing the thing to consider is that modern roof pointing material does not contain sand and we guarantee all our work for a long time.The Flexible Pointing material we use for Concrete Tiles and also Terracotta Tiles is specially formulated for repointing your roof is waterproof and flexible. Specified by architects and builders for modern homes it has a long life, about 10 plus years. However, you will need to use a company like Matrix Roofing with experience to get the job done properly. Likewise in all renovation jobs, roof pointing is no different, adding flexible roof pointing material over a under prepared cement bedding will be a total waste of money and time.You do want to waste money getting unprofessional job done, do you?  Furthermore the edges of the ridge caps will need be cleaned and prepared well for the flexible roof pointing material to stick. We see on lots of roof jobs, all looks good from street level but when you get up on the roof, you can see there is a gap between the top edge of the pointing and the edge of the roof tile. This gap lets water in [which was the whole purpose to stop roof leaks] and over time as I mentioned before the cement bedding is weakened.
Therefore get the job done right first time by us, Matrix Roofing, get real professionals who do roof pointing all the time, who also can help you with all types of roof solutions. Give us a call now and find out why so many people trust using Matrix Roofing in the Melbourne Eastern and South Eastern Suburbs. Click on the link if you need roof repairs Melbourne

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