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Roof Cleaning Experts

Matrix Roofing Melbourne are the Roof Cleaning Experts in Melbourne. Pressure Cleaning is performed to clean terracotta, metal or concrete roofs of dirt, lichen and debris. Restore tiles to their former glory by simply cleaning them using high pressure water. Our pressure washers can clean anything from roofs to driveways and footpaths.

Roof Cleaning is important to maintain and ensure the longevity of your roof, by removing potentially damaging and unsightly moss, mould and lichens. This ensures the life and beauty of your roof, and can improve the value of your home.

Removing all Grime, Sap and Bird Droppings off your roof, you can be assured that your roof will be cleaned to the highest standard by Matrix Roofing.

An additional benefit of Roof Cleaning ensures that your drainage system works efficiently and as designed so that your roof is at lower risk during thunderstorms and longterm rainfall events.

Improve the street appeal of your house, remove grime and mould, raise the value of your home and improve the efficiency of your drainage system and ensure that you get the cleanest water into any rainfall water tanks you may have. Request a free no-obligation Roof Restoration quote from Matrix Roofing today.