Find and fix any issue you have with your roof from its appearance, broken tiles, cracked cement, Valley Iron repairs & replacement, fixes to leaking roofs & broken tiles. We also do 24 hours emergency roof repairs. Gable and Mortar repairs along with Gutter Cleaning and Storm seal supply and install. Cement, Terracotta, Metal and Color bond roof repairs.

Roof Restoration Melbourne

Roof Repair

      1. We diagnose the exact problem and will repair your roof and fix any problems, first time, every time.
        2. No more broken tiles, leaks or unsightly cracked cement.
          3. We can have your roof repaired by experts in no time and prevent any further water damage to your home.
Roof Restoration Melbourne

Valley Iron Replacement

A Valley Iron is a metal flashing installed underneath roof tiles to allow excess water to be released into the gutter. We can remove your old rusted or leaking valley irons and replace with new modern Colorbond or zinc valley irons. After installation we complete the process with valley seal, a coated foam strip that makes your valleys completely pest and weather proof.

Roof Restoration Melbourne

Bedding and Pointing

If you have a tiled roof, you may find that the bedding and pointing will need to be replaced. Over time, the cement mixture (also known as bedding or mortor) used to keep ridge capping on a roof can crack or fall out. The process of replacing this mixture is called re-bedding.

Once the bedding is hard enough to support the ridge capping, the flexible pointing is applied. The pointing available on the market now is a flexible material that can move small amounts to suit Australian weather conditions. The pointing forms a stronger bond, holding the ridge capping more firmly in place.

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With Matrix Roofing you can expect first class results for all your roof restoration or roof repair needs in Melbourne’s Eastern & South Eastern suburbs.

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