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Here at Matrix Roofing, we pride ourselves on the accumulated knowledge of all our tradesmen.No matter what kind of material your roof is made of – be it terracotta, metal, cement, or anything else – we are fully equipped to restore it to near-original conditions.


Benefits of a roof restoration


Why spend money on a roof restoration, you ask?

A fully restored roof will give you:


Aesthetic appeal

It’s like a freshly cut and washed head of hair, a new roof takes years off a home’s look.


Longer lifetime

Fixing up all the little cracks and rotted bedding ensures structural integrity, preventing deep damage from occurring.


Protects against water damage

A leaky roof can lead to a whole host of potentially unseen problems.


Prevents wastage

Temperature can change drastically because of an imperfect roof. Think of all the air that is exchanged by a holey roof!


Saves Money

Having your roof restored will save money in the long run and should be seen as the better option compared to committing to a full roof replacement.

We even provide a 10-year workmanship guarantee, meaning that all these benefits will be ensured for a good long while!

Our team of tradesmen will provide polite, punctual, professional service at all times, and any waste that is created will be cleaned up at the end of the restoration.

With a detailed, free inspection quote you will understand fully the current state of your roof. With our wide variety of roofing services, your roof will be good as new in no time.

Come get your Ashwood roof restored at a competitive rate. Call us now at 1300 733 820!

With Matrix Roofing you can expect first class results for all your roof restoration or roof repair needs in Melbourne’s Eastern & South Eastern suburbs.

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