We undertake all types of roof restorations in Nar Nar Goon including cement, metal and terracotta. Our experienced tradesmen will rejuvinate your roof and have it looking great again in no time.

Cement, Terracotta & Colorbond Roof Restorations in Nar Nar Goon

Matrix Roofing is leading Melbourne and Nar Nar Goon in high quality roof repairs and restorations. Our Nar Nar Goon roof restoration service consists of a systematic procedure to ensure a amazing job every time, with results you can trust. Maintaining your roof is vital to protect your home against roof leaks and water damage.

Unpredictable weather patterns can be severely damaging to your home’s roof making it necessary to maintain your roof in optimum condition to avoid roof leaks or structural faults.

A roof repair not only improves the aesthetic appeal of your home but it also prolongs the lifespan of your roof and give you piece of mind against water damage.

 Roof sealing comes in many colours; we offer a colour matching service at no extra charge if you are unable to find the colour you are after from our colour palettes.

Our roof paint is a superior roof coating product specifically formulated & scientifically tested for roofing and guaranteed to withstand harsh weather conditions making it durable & resistant to wear.

If you’re looking for great friendly service, skilled tradesman and a roof restoration that is long-lasting and durable contact Nar Nar Goon’s leading roof restoration company today.

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Nar Nar Goon Roof Restorations

Expert Roof Repairs in Nar Nar Goon
Available 24/7 to Solve Your Roofing Needs With a 10 Year Guarantee


With Matrix Roofing you can expect incredible results for all your roof restoration needs in Nar Nar Goon.

We go above and beyond to solve all of your roofing problems in Nar Nar Goon with a comprehensive range of roofing repair services delivered by highly experienced tradesmen. You’ll be quoted by our experienced tradesmen, so you won’t have to endure pushy sales or having any unncessary services added on. The quote we provide is always the final price and you are always in control of your spend.

Roof Restorations

We undertake all types of roof restorations in Nar Nar Goon including cement, terracotta and metal.

Our highly specialised tradesmen will add new life to
your roof and have it looking brand new in no time!

Bedding and Pointing

If you have a tiled roof, you may find over time that the bedding and pointing will shift and need to be replaced.

We replace the bedding (cement mixture) and apply flexible pointing to form a strong bond to hold the capping firmly in place.

Valley Iron Replacement

We can remove your old rusted and leaking valley irons and replace with new modern Colorbond or zinc valley irons.

Roof Repairs

Find and fix any issue you have with your roof from its appearance, broken tiles, cracked cement or guttering.


Contact a professional tradesman to clean and maintain your gutters.

We can repair or replace guttering with quality Colourbond products and also install Gutter Guard to extend the life of your gutters and save you the time of cleaning them.

Pressure Washing

Restore tiles to their former glory by simply cleaning them using high pressure water.

Our pressure washers can clean anything from roofs to driveways and footpaths.

Other Services

We also offer other services such as:
• Whirly Bird Installation
• Laserlites / Polycarbonate Roofing
• Fascia and Scotia Replacement
• Full plumbing and carpentry services

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